European Needlepoint

Inspired by European countries The Picket Fence features many European needlepoint patterns and artwork for you to choose from. Whether it’s springtime in Paris or Winter in Belgium our beautiful continental needlepoint patterns will give you a wonderful range of ideas to start your European needlepoint project and if you don’t get it done, no worries, bring it in and let our Needlepoint finishing department finish it for you.

With fine European needlepoint we can help you find the art you need. From Irish shamrocks to French Braids and Floral work to Swedish ornaments. The Picket Fence creates only the finest European needlepoint canvases and will help you finish it too!

We have many European needlepoint patterns and finished needlepoint products for you to choose from in our store and we keep a great selection of needlepoint thread in all the colors you need for your European needlepoint project.

Come visit The Picket Fence at our store in Edina Minnesota or call us at 952-920-7888, or contact us today about your European needlepoint needs.

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